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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year Day!! Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 7:46 AM

Mi Gina & Fang  Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 7:44 AM

Sis at Zouk on 1st Jan 07 Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 7:44 AM

24th ChristmaS eVE Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 7:43 AM

Fang mi & Ping Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 7:40 AM

Christmas bbq at ecp Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 7:39 AM

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

my buddy Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 10:30 PM

S.E.H Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 10:28 PM

Sisters'  Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 10:26 PM

Today took mc bcoz of my flu.. My mucus kept running non-stop so irritating, nose almost drop out ..
Office really so arctic,somemore the aircon is directly above my desk .. Times passes so swiftly n White Christmas approaching.. Hee chance for us to exchange gifts..
Tis year sumthing special for we sisters' to celebrate Christmas, either we have bbq or chalet, stil pending for the outcome at beginning of dec. Though look common, at least not twn again.
Hee debbie is returning bck, we gers can hav a gathering le.. u
Alrite signing off , continue my resting .. l

from Sharon 2 u @ 9:41 PM

Sunday, November 19, 2006

shir & sharon Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 7:44 AM

gers gathering
Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 7:17 AM

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hu Yan Bin- Waiting for u

jin se de wu xie
ban zhe yin yue
Baby ni de yan jing shi yi wen shen sui de hu shui

er hu ming hu mie
yan cang bu ke si yi de mei
rang wo yun xuan
zai xuan ya bian
shu zhi yi zheng yan jiu bu jian

Waiting for you I'm waiting for you
Waiting for you kiss me at tonight wei he ni Cinderella
liu gei wo yi wang wu ji de si nian

Waiting for you I'm waiting for you
Waiting for you come here to my dream

qian zhe ni bu duan xuan zhuan
yi zhi dao hei fa bian cheng le yin xian
Waiting for you waiting for you
zhi dao yong yuan

from Sharon 2 u @ 7:52 PM

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ar tired tired tired...Past few wks, i m so hetic...Busy wif wrk nonstop, no time to rest... Even backache oso ned to complete my assignment... Argh 2dae can finally let mi slack awhile le... Recently i had to learned sum new tasks fro my senior as she goin to hav her maternity leave... Feel excited to c her newborn baby~yeah!
Had my fourth aerobic lesson last wk, getting better nt so tense up le... Nxt mth mayb participating in e badminton wif my close colleagues... They suddenly become so enthu.Nick oso practising his 'shan Hu Hai"...
Hmm shir i tink u gt a guy tt lv n concern for u who is much better... Wat i can c is he lk young though, he stil show us wat a guy can do for his ger.. Tis time wil he b ur real mr rite` hee...
Glen i saw ting's blog tt u sing wonderfully... Onli a slight crop up, hey u make it no more stage fright le wor!
Continue wif ur ability...Consider to join e superstar 2006 ^^,
Hmm deb goin off on e 18th feb, its a sat we can send her to e airport... I m sure ther wil b alots of se bu de... Lik family, relationship. frenz n relatives but juz lik wat shir sae thru email, msn or even webcam.. We stil can connect each other at diff countries...
Tis cumin new yr nt reali awaits for... Nt sure, haven even buy new yrs clothes n nv go dwn chinatwn...Probably no spare time. hav oso used to do spring cleaning...
Anyway, everyone my family buddies frenz relatives n colleague Happy Chinese New Year, for those studying xue yue jing bu, heading for higher position bu bu kao sheng, xing xiang shi chen n all sheng ti jian kai!!!

from Sharon 2 u @ 11:30 PM

Saturday, December 17, 2005

9th Dec D&D swissotel merchant hotel...
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from Sharon 2 u @ 12:37 AM

gers nite~
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from Sharon 2 u @ 12:35 AM

Friday, December 16, 2005

So fast christmas reaching n it mean tt another new year for us... I been tinking wat's my future hav i really make up my right decision for nxt yr... Right nw i noe wher i wish to pursue in but my dad dun reali accept of it... He's giving those negative tinking tt i won't be able to make it on tt career... From his words, it makes mi tink twice.. I noe tt i won't wan to con't wif wat currently... it isn't wat i wan, my future is in my hand, i obviously wld wan to pull it thru n i wan my wonderful mum to relax n live comfortably... wat cum out from her mouth was ' dun stress urself, able to noe n get married to sumone tt can support mi'' ...Is tis wat she reali wans... Iszit veri impt for guys to hav a better qualificatns... my bro can get a degree wif their encouragement n y nt mi... wateva
Well, last thur i went out wif my buddies to knox... haha it was fantastic, i heard je sing eventually... Whooo
so sweet... We were so great n hyper...Ar... Fri was my d&d, tks to my sayang fren tt i able to save e cab fee...
hee tt nite al e gers r stunning! We tok alot of photos n e mc was funny.. he had a great face but nt veri tall...
haha we oso saw kumar...Wow he oops she gorgeous! she can dance so well... Alot of e guys reali drank too much... n happily taking photos but i doubt they noe wat they r doing... can even dance in front of everyone...
After everything ends, we decided to went for 2nd round at zouk wif my colleagues... tt's my first time ther, much better... late midnite, we actuali was quite hungry coz e dinner wasn't fulfilling... we went down to river valley for roti prata feast... by e time bck hm tok a bath n wait for my thick hair to dry, it was almost sunrise...
I miz e time wif em... though i m lik a little sis to em but they reali take care of mi... Even at wrk they volunteer to help mi... I can't bare to leave...Sumtimes it was juz tired of e wrk n no chance hav to change to another environment.. Hee nxt wk we can exchange christmas gifts, hmm reali giving a headache i duno wat to buy for tt person... Mayb its e first n last tt we exchange gifts... I wil treasure so much...

from Sharon 2 u @ 11:53 PM

Friday, November 25, 2005

Whee gers nice shot!
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from Sharon 2 u @ 6:53 PM

Zhu 21st BirtHdaY
Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 6:52 PM

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Last sat was my dear ping birthday, it was held at e garden bungalow, aloha loyang...TT was reali big,had four masterbedrms... N of course we gers occupied 1 of it...
Actuali on tt late nite, we suppose to visit red hse but some of us was quite tired n its raining sumore...Hee we knew tis cute guy, i dun tink his driving lesson reali wrks wat i heard` n he is a shy boy...Mayb bcoz he juz know us at e chalet...
Anyway our nite was almost having a rest on n off, playing cards, chatting, having late supper...
Onli a few of us gers stay n e rest, hmm well they hav their partners to drove em bck...Haapy ting was tt ping reali lv our present, we bought her a v modern bracelet wif black n green where is e in color nw... Cumin up wld b zhu de...
Den on tt mon, my colleague intend to celebrate advance birthday for my sayang... tt mon we sat boss car to tis building for a company briefing whereby al 4hundreds over staffs gather together at tis theatre... nt tt bad he knew all e shortcuts n overtake al e rest of e bosses... tt was close,he gt a parking lot...if nt we wil ned to walk a long way...It lasted for almost three hrs... we went to play pool at paradiz... We had quite a few rounds before heading to dine at gelare for e waffles... Actuali we shd had our diner first but we reali hav no idea wat to makan coz my sayang is a malay so had to find halal fd...Eventually we went to kfc to eat bandito meals...We oso took some photos in btwn...
Yest we had our OTs n celebratn for my sayang... my manager had already order tis haagen dasz cookies n cream ice cream cake wif waffles ard it... We took quite a sumtime to finally make up our decision... Its was cho o i shi nie....e ice cream tt nt sweet, creamy enough, texture smooth, taste wonderful.... We had a huge piece each... She sae tt for my nxt yr, i wld hav a jap cake...hee well duno wil i stil b ther ont...

from Sharon 2 u @ 10:10 AM

Friday, October 14, 2005

11 october 05, Tue
Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 8:16 PM

From left: je, mi, el n ping
Posted by Picasa

from Sharon 2 u @ 8:15 PM

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